Wednesday, May 26, 2021

 "Season of the Witch Chapter Two" is the new album from Chilean act Arteaga and is set to be released on May 4th via Interstellar Smoke Records (double LP on heavyweight vinyl 180 gram, 45 RPM pressing to get the highest sound quality).

6 new tracks with lysergic and seventies vibes, with dark passages that seek to provoke a direct trip to the psyche of the listener.
The pandemic situation led them to reduce all costs and find a new way to record the album. The band recorded the new material in the rehearsal room, which they modified to achieve a rustic studio effect.
Francisco Gonzalez - bass/vocals
Sebastian Morales - guitar
Oriana Portus - fx
Jorge Habach - drums
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Interstellar Smoke Records
IG: interstellar. smoke. label

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