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Hark ye metalheads and youth aspiring to become rich drunken ones with stints in rehab and multiple ex adult film stars as ex-wives harken the following.

This days writings are for those past the early years of bandom this is for ye who are putting a collection of music forthright unto the greater public.

Ok so what that means is this article is for bands getting ready to release a new album.

In most cases bands putting out an album have established at least a small amount of a fan base and have either raised or saved money to do this or lets be honest are supplying the kid down the street who has pro tools with his vice of choice. Either way lets go over a few things concerning your upcoming release that you hope propels you to hot tubs and porn stars.

1.Just get this through your thick skull you are not Metallica and there are not people lining up to buy your next release ok? Maybe just Maybe lets be honest you know who is really excited about this album? YOU

Have you taken the time to play any of the music to strangers? ( play them demos because after this you may want to make changes )Not your family , Not your girlfriend , Not a bunch of buddies hammered on cheap beer but have you actually invited people you do not know into a room and given them each a piece of paper and asked them to listen and write down what they like and dislike. I honestly suggest like a 15 yr old kid your dentist secretary the hot redhead at circle k you think about when you wax your carrot and like a 60 yr old English teacher we want a diverse group of people offer them $5 and tell them they are participating in a music study and film it trust me film it!

What you are doing is getting real opinions from people who don’t give a flying F about you and if they hear something good they will tell you and trust me they will tell you everything bad and if there is a kid under the age of 6 especially listen to them!

At this point you think I am kidding but I am NOT you want raw feedback and you want it to learn about your music. This is exactly what happens in the skyscrapers full of suits trying to figure out what music will sell so skip the middle man do it dammit trust me!

2.LISTEN to what the people say! If someone says the singer is too loud, the guitars sound tinny the drums are buried in the mix listen to them because look we are music nerds and we are impatient when we hear our music recorded it FN rules to us even if you have that picky prick in your band who actually cares about the sound eventually its 3 guys yelling at the picky bitch saying dude cmon!! Do not even try to deny that the tension over how the kick drum sounds on track 4 is not worth an extra month of mixing there are chicks and drugs waiting fellas lets get this done

3.After this excruciating experience now you have learned a lot about your music most of what you did not want to hear or believe after you heard it from the lunch lady you invited. Do you know what the lunch lady , the dental secretary and don’t forget the red head all have in common? They listen to popular music and I know I know you rebel rock star F the radio and popular music right?

Ill tell you why the popular music is popular for a reason. All the mass public knows is music they get fed through the radio TV movies etc. There are formulas in the music that is popular pay attention and stop thinking you know everything for 3 minutes.


3. Ok your have poured your hearts out into your latest masterpiece you’ve played it for a group of strangers who think the Back Street Boys are talent and now you have adjustments to make in your music seriously work on it songs are like orgasms you can get the desired goal many different ways tweak them speed them up slow them down throw in a key change us a French word in the verse.  I talked to your X and your reputation of just banging it out and calling it good is pretty well-known lets work on that ok? This is called the Pizza Parlor Jury and it works and guess what? When you finally get it all together and mixed and mastered we are going to do this again Look I attached a key to a kite and got electrocuted by lightning obviously I know what I’m talking about until next time rocketh thy ass off

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Following the 2019 release of their comeback album The Veil of Darkness, the cursed phalanx of France's GORGON is now delivering its new offering, Traditio Satanae, consisting of 11 tracks of the most brutally savage, tempestuous, and virulent black metal music. In creeping dimness, the band's core has birthed their most aggressive body of work yet: utterly and undeniably compelling, hard-hitting riffs and heinous vocals. You deserve this punishment - may your ordeal be painful.

Online release page:



1.Tell us your name and the band you play for


Hello, my name is Damian Paszczak and I play for Moyra


 1.Tell us your name and the band you play for


My name is Matt and I am guitarist of Moyra.

2.Who made you want to pick up the guitar

My dad and me myself. My father plays the guitar for over 20 years and encouraged me to try it. He plays  rock and blues but I've enjoyed the sound of distorted guitar and fast riffs more. Some time later I've heard Death solos for the first time and decided to start taking guitar playing seriously.


3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons?


I would say mix of these two. I've started playing guitar on my own and after 1,5 year I've decided  to take lessons.


4. Can you read music, Can you read tab?


I can read both, music and tabs.


5.Do you feel like you have your own sound / tone ?


I feel I have my own sound (style of  riffs and solos) , but I didn't find my ultimate tone yet.


6.Tell us about your guitar ( brand ,model . year , color  

I am using my own signature guitar called “Spectre” made by P. Kamecki. It is 27' baritone 7 string guitar with carbon fretboard. Wood used to create the instrument is swamp Ash, wenge and the top is made from walnut root top ( top is being changed atm, used to be black matte).



7.What about pickups? Passive or active ? Tell us about them

I am using passive pickups, I prefer their sound over active and i feel they respond better to my articulation. I am using Seymour Duncan sh-5 Custom ( bridge) and sh-2.



8.Lets get into amplification, Same drill brand , model , speakers etc


I am using Kemper Powerhead with EVH profiles and Evh 2 x12 cabinet with Celestion G12H Anniversary speakers. While touring I am using Mesa Cabinet simulation and connect directly to FOH.

9.Do you have a pedal board? Tell us about that badboy

I am only using  Kemper Remote footswitch to control my amp.


10..Now tell us your Dream Rig in detail…..


If  we are dreaming I would love to have another high end guitar, top quality audio interface, mesa horizontal cab  with English V30 ( for home practice, not touring) and good wireless system. I have got the rest I think :)


11.What guitarist can you not stand?

Angus Young


12. Is tone more important or is technique?

Both are important but if I had to pick one I would choose technique. Guitarists with really good technique usually have really good tone as well. However if they don't I believe it would take less time to improve and polish their tone instead of working on technique from scratch or eradicating bad habits.


13. Name your top 5 guitarist

-Chuck Schuldiner

-Muhammed Suiçmez

-Pat O'Brien

-Michael Hoggard

-Danny Tunker



14.Who is the most overrated guitarist

Kurt Cobain


15.Who would you like a one hour private sit down lessons with anyone dead or alive?

 1.1.Tell us your name and the band you play for

Muhammed Suiçmez/ MOYRA


 2. Who made you want to pick up the guitar



I was in eighth grade. At school once someone brought the guitar up. Next time two other guys did the same cause they had guitars at home. On the music class they asked the teacher if she could show us how to play and she said ‘yes’. I wasn’t interested at first 😉 “why I have to play the guitar” “I don’t wanna” that was my first fillings about the guitar but it changed very quickly. Six months later I started a band.



3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons?


Yes and no. Yes cause I’ve never had any teacher. I wasn’t at the music school either. And No, because I didn’t take anything from my had. I’ve been watching how my friends played. I’ve been listened to their advises (I have some friends from music schools). I took a lot of knowledge from the internet; about the theory of music and the technique of playing the guitar.

At the beginnings I was playing cover songs, so I was read tabs and try to play it. My first one was for sure a Metallica song 😉 I can’t remember which one.   



4. Can you read music, Can you read tab?

Yes I can read music from notes and from tab of course.




5.Do you feel like you have your own sound / tone ?


I try to have my own sound/tone, but is it unique? I’m not sure. I think the listeners should say something about it. It’s not my intention to sound very original. I always want to sound good, deep, hard and pro.


 6.Tell us about your guitar ( brand ,model . year , color )


I play on Jackson Chris Broderick Pro Solonist 6. I bought it two years ago, and it was new, so it’s two years old xD, and the color..which is very important…is white 😉 I have also Ibanez MTM (Mick Thompson signature) and this one is black 😉




7.What about pickups? Passive or active ? Tell us about them


It has two passive DiMarzio humbuckers (Jackson), and dwo active Duncan humbuckers at the MTM. I prefer much passive pickups now. Ibanez now is as a backup guitar on stage.



8.Lets get into amplification, Same drill brand , model , speakers etc


I use Peavey 6505+ and I like it very much. Very deep and sometimes ugly and filthy sound of higain and very nice clean tone. I use normal Peavey Cabinet 4x12’’. Old fashioned and heavy to carry xD I don’t like digital sound of these days.



9.Do you have a pedal board? Tell us about that badboy


I don’t have typical pedal board. I use pedal board for the amp and old and very old fashioned BossGT3 in a loop just for basic functions like tuning, pedal, noise gate reverb and especially different volume channels, lead, rhythm, clean ect.. Of course I don’t use distortion/overdrive from this xD It goes from the amp of course.


10..Now tell us your Dream Rig in detail…..


I don’t know, I don’t dream about the equipment, now I’m quite satisfied. I’m thinking about new speaker and new pedalboard in a oldschool style 😉 a lot of  single pedals xD 


11.What guitarist can you not stand?


The lazy one who cries he cannot make any progress cause he doesn’t practice 😉


12. Is tone more important or is technique?


I think technique cause tone you can easily fix by buying better amp and  the guitar. On the technique you have to work hard and long and you can’t fix it in one day. I’ve never been a fan of toys if you know what I mean. For my it’s much more satisfied that I spent two hours practice picking than order new amp and watch on yt how it sounds. The same with watching best guitars. I know a lot of guys who spend many hours on watching for example Vai or Satriani and think I’s gonna improve their skills. Sure it helps, I did a lot in my past but without practicing it’s like watching a game or space traveling in s.f. movies.



13. Name your top 5 guitarist


It’s very hard to choose. For sure Dimme Darrell from Pantera (my youth) and Nils Norberg from Nocturnal Rites, he’s not so famous but he’s got an incredible skills. Who else? Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson,  Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde (my youth as well), Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Alexi Laiho….No, sorry I can’t choose only the great five of mine :/    


14.Who is the most overrated guitarist


No one..I think so..I don’t know..It could be offensive to claim someone is overrated..If he’s well known of course, so he probably did something for the music. If he’s not I won’t probably by able to know him 😉


15.Who would you like a one hour private sit down lessons with anyone dead or alive?


Chuck Schuldiner! Why? Cause I didn’t mention about him above 😉 And Dimme Darrell for Sure! See.. I can't choose one here neither..I hope guys rest in peace \m/





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1. My name is Brian Duke, I’m a NYC based freelance drummer. I play for various artists including Dead Superstar, Fiona Silver, Pan Arcadia and Kyle Duke and the Brown Bag Boys just to name a few.

 2. I ended up learning drums in elementary school through the school’s music program. I chose drums because I knocked one of my teeth out while wrestling with my brother. I couldn’t sing and I couldn’t play a wind instrument, I had already played cello for a year and didn’t want to do that again, so that left drums!

 3. I got my first kit in 5th grade. It was a black groove percussion kit that my parents surprised me with one day after school, I loved it!

 4. My parents have always been very supportive of my drumming career and helped me every step of the way where ever they could. 

 5. I really love Bonham’s performance on “How the West was Won.” Zeppelin was really tight during the time of that recording and the drumming is fantastic.

 6. Right now I have 2 RCI kits and 6 vintage Ludwig kits. The RCI kits are red acrylic and are 12/16/24 and 14/18/26 with a matching 5.5x14 snare. These are endorsement kits that were made for me before one of my first US tours in 2014. Most of the Ludwig kits are 13/16/22 but there are also a couple 20” kicks and a kit with 12” and 14” toms. I’ve been getting really into buying and selling vintage drums over the past year so my personal collection has grown as a result. 

7. I already have a couple of my dream kits, a 1970 Ludwig super classic in a worn thermogloss finish and a 1956 WFL (pre-Ludwig) super classic in a beautiful “aqua” sparkle. I would love to pick up an old Gretsch kit at some point, but I’m pretty happy with my collection right now. 

8. Top 5 drummers for me would be John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Michael Miley, Mitch Mitchell and Steve Gadd.

 9. Depending on what mood I’m in I go back and forth between preferring live shows vs session work. I’m craving life performances at the moment since I’ve been cooped up for so long.

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The Crawling release new single with video "Sparrow"


The band is available for interviews!
Please, drop us a line.
Death/doom trio, THE CRAWLING, have released their new single "Sparrow," and accompanying live-action lyric video. The song tells a haunting tale of isolation, misery, and the emotional outcome of living a pointless life; amplified by the fact so many 'spectate' a chain of events, without offering support.

You can listen to "Sparrow" at this location:

The lyric video was written, created and filmed entirely alone by vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke; solely due to lockdown restrictions, and the inability to use a professional studio. The single is accompanied in physical format by digipack CD, cassette, and a new exclusive t-shirt design (created by Serpent Tusk).

Vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke commented;

“Lockdown restrictions in Northern Ireland didn't allow for the band to even be in the same room together, let alone film a music video. I really hated the thought of releasing a new track without a video, as it's something I really enjoy; so, my hand was forced to film something on my own. It's not like our normal performance style videos, but more of a live-action lyric video. It works well, emphasising the lyrics, whilst also creating the haunting imagery of the song."


Buy and listen from THE CRAWLING Bandcamp now!

Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Bandcamp - Spotify


Formed in the winter of 2014 in Lisburn city, Northern Ireland, The Crawling use a guttural vocal to combine melancholy with weight, churning out a heavy, doom/death ensemble.


January 2015 saw the debut single ‘Choking On Concrete,’ followed in October 2015 by the critically acclaimed In ‘Light of Dark Days' EP. April 2017 the band's debut album 'Anatomy Of Loss' was released via Grindscene Records, accompanied by five music videos, receiving excellent reviews worldwide, and was streamed exclusively by Metal Hammer UK. November 2018, ‘Wolves and the Hideous White’ features six tracks, building on the sound of their debut. The album did well with media and fans alike, increasing the fan base.


With live music on hold and gatherings being kept to a minimum, and rehearsals being limited; The Crawling concentrated efforts on their most depressive track to date - “Sparrow,”  coupled with an interpretation of the Bjork track “Play Dead.”


The Crawling have spread the misery drenched album through strong live performance, with support from a loyal fan base; most notably appearing at Inferno Metal Festival (Norway), Bloodstock Open Air (UK), Seige of Limerick (IRE), Metal Days (SLO), Shellshockfest (Malta), Uprising (UK), Incinerationfest (UK), Mammothfest (UK) and Full Metal Mensa (GER).


The Crawling are highly active on all social media platforms and have continued support from Grindscene Records.



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Promo cover artSiderean
Lost on Void's Horizon
Edged Circle
25 June 2021
EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SIDEREAN's highly anticipated debut album, Lost on Void's Horizon, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

One of the most singular bands orbiting the death metal underground in the past decade, SIDEREAN began life in 2010 under the moniker TELEPORT. Shortly after forming, the Ljubljana, Slovenia-based band promptly set course for a prodigious schedule of self-released demos, each one perfecting their slithering, shapeshifting sound. Undoubtedly inspired by Gorguts, Voivod, and Australia's Stargazer and yet finding contemporaries in Blood Incantation and Sacriphyx, TELEPORT truly hit their stride with 2018's The Expansion, which so impressed EDGED CIRCLE that the label released a worldwide CD version the next year. As aptly titled as the band's moniker, The Expansion weaved a winding, oft-bewildering path across its three-track/21-minute runtime. Sulfurous to the very end, one could pin tags like "prog" or "tech" or simply "that's crazy, man!" onto TELEPORT's style of death metal, but within their attacking angularity existed actual hooks - malformed and mesmerizing, of course, but HOOKS to hold onto as you sink deeper into their maelstrom...

Seeing that the TELEPORT moniker had run its course and seeking even more-beyond means to express themselves, the name SIDEREAN was chosen - as was EDGED CIRCLE as the label to release their long-awaited debut album. At last here, bearing the evocative title Lost on Void's Horizon, SIDEREAN's first full-length handily eclipses past, not-inconsiderable accomplishments - and then blasts off into new worlds unknown. The two-song Sidereal Evolution EP (released by EDGED CIRCLE in October 2020) teased with an even crisper iteration of that uniquely serpentine flow, and upped the hooks in the process. Those two epic songs are reprised here, and signpost a sea-change in the new-look SIDEREAN world: no more sulfur, no more murk, just sparkling 'n' sidewinding mental wreckage that's "death metal" in deed but not fully by definition. For one, one could argue that Lost on Void's Horizon is a deceptively beautiful listen - yes, beautiful - in that way that lucid dreams drip into nightmares; credit much of this superlative development to the lead-guitar work, which brings the spaciness and then some. For another, that perceivable "cleaning up" actually reveals an even-more-organic entity, as each drop of sweat tastes that much sweeter when not buried under miles of reverb; the songwriting, consequentially, hits with even more urgency and fluidity. Credit due to Slovenia producer Anže Čanžek, with expert mastering courtesy of Horrendous' Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studio.

Or, one could simply submit to SIDEREAN's cosmic flow and marvel at the wonders they so effortlessly unfurl, this time across six linked songs in an impossibly epic 41 minutes. Graced with suitably spacey cover art courtesy of Fernando JFL, Lost on Void's Horizon marks the grand arrival of SIDEREAN!

Hatemurder Industrial Homicide

 Artist: Hatemurder

Album title: Industrial Homicide

Date of release: April 11, 2021

Location: Dresden, Germany


Founded in March 2021, this is a pure Oldschool Death Metal studio project based in Dresden, Germany. The debut album entitled "Industrial Homicide" was released April 11, 2021. Shows are anticipated once it'll become possible after the COVID crisis. A second longplayer is planned for the end of 2021.

Musical influences:

- Obituary

- Entombed

- Dismember

- Cannibal Corpse

- Bolt Thrower

- Jungle Rot


- Christian Engelmann (instruments, vocals)

- Matthias Viertel (vocals)

Full digital album purchase:


Other links and pages:


 1.Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Metal Times! You have a new album out, Tell us about it!

Thank you for inviting to this interview either.  We have two EP albums one released in 2017 ‘Threads of Fate’ and released in 2020 ‘ReGenesis’. Currently we’re working on new LP album. We have already some of the stuff but we want to work on it a little longer and choose best songs. Probably we will finish it till 2022, unfortunately now it’s not a good time for releasing new album cause we can’t play gigs to promote it. This is why we’re focused on releasing singles, just not to disappoint our fans and give them something new. 

2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?

3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one?

The difference is in power of this songs, a little harder sound of the intruments and besides of that we keep close to our style. We still experiment, adding some new types of vocals etc. On the LP there will be some surprises for our fans.

4.Are you signed to a label? , If so which one and how did they help or support the process?

Not yet. We still improve ourselves so we can finally be noticed by some label or not being throwing to the bin immediately by them after listening to some crappy demo of ours or not even read an email. It is a process. Best labels need ready product, not like that they have to guide by carrying its hand. I know what and how I want to show.  I don’t know how to explain it but I just feel it, when the time is coming for this step and I just bite it (laugh 😉)      

5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour?

We’ve been touring all the time, here in our country where we already have our audience. Before the pandemic we had set some gigs in Czech Rep and in Germany…We could go only to Germany and after that we can’t get out of our borders till the situation isn’t stable. We deeply believe we’re gonna get out somewhere outside eventually.

6.Do you have any new members?

Right now the crew is constant, but the truth is some musicians went through the band. Unfortunately when hard work starts, it’s verifying people and their attitude. The music it’s a great thing but you have to work hard and long before the benefits come and not just playing in the garage and imagine that someone discover a band and assure them great success. It’s not like that.           

7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?

It was varied. Let’s focus on last two singles. We discovered great sound engineer Przemysław Nowak who did the all mix and mastering and provided us world class sound. For recording track responsible as always is our drummer Mateusz Muzioł.  

8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles , Did you have any strange studio practices?

hahah, I would never record naked xD by the candle light it sounds interesting but I think we’re prepared for recording as much so we just come and record. We don’t look for a special atmosphere in the studio. I do it when I create vocal parts. I like to be alone in the evening and do some sort of meditation. I listen very careful to the music written before by Damian, and then I see a picture to the song and I know what it will be about. What I wanna sing about, and how I’m gonna sing it, to make it kicking ass.   

9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you.

You can buy ny of our stuff by using Bandcamp. There are CDs, T-shirts, huts etc. Soon there will be a webshop where Poland and whole world can buy all of our merch. If you want to listen to our music you can use for example Spotify. 

10.What is your plans now that the new album is out?

Before we release the new LP we will give information to the world and start promotion.

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Danie talks to Ted Eggers of Bofo Kwo about streaming platforms.


I had a really good chat with Ted Eggers the day before yesterday, who does vocals and sometimes guitar for Bofo Kwo, a Finnish black/ death/ industrial metal band based on Ted's sci-fi novellas about the titular cannibal king. I asked him to talk to me about an issue important to him. This is what he had to say.

Me: You wanted to talk about streaming, Spotify, and other streaming services. Why is it important to you? What do you think people need to know about it?

Ted: I think mainly because bands don’t understand what actually is happening in the background and it has led to very strange conflicts between artists and various streaming services.

Me: What is the disadvantage of working with these kinds of platforms?

Ted: The payout is still quite low for Indie artists. But the worse part is the record label and publishing companies that make most of the money. Mainstream artists claim Spotify doesn't pay them enough but that is not the full truth. Their music is owned by the big four (major labels) and doesn’t still get very well compensated from Streaming services. The main bulk of the money ends up in the record execs pocket and they blame the streaming services.

Me: So do you think it's predatory? What determines how much the artists get paid?

Ted: Yes, Nothing has really changed, record execs, Publishers, management, and PR companies still get the bigger piece of the cake. Artists suffer and with the confusion of the streaming royalties and the labels securing extra money, there is less money left for artists. It is not possible to charge 10 dollars for streaming an album so all parts get less and that is the biggest problem. Basically, if they have a record deal the amount is decided by the label, not the streaming services. If you are an indie artist it depends on the distributor service like CD Baby etc. In the end, most money does not end up in the hands of the artists but it is still the same people in the biz who makes the most.

Me: Do you think another type of platform will become more popular and put these out of business? What would be fairer?

Ted: I don't think anything will change before we change the power pyramid among labels. Today it is already easier for Indie Artists to make money without a label. There are still make many label execs and people in the industry that takes too much. Spotify can't pay more than they do without losing money. However, that means things like Bandcamp Friday and selling physical CDs always will be an alternative. Mainly I think as long as artists are controlled by a few powerful labels the platform or means of distribution is not the problem. However I do feel the Internet has given more artists a place to grow, but just streaming services will not make it fairer to artists.

Me: I think the speed of social media has changed things in a few ways. I agree it's given people a new place to grow. But I think it allows for only a very, very short time to make an impression. What do you think are the challenges of that? What are the effects?

Ted: I think the main effect is sustainability can't be done as an artist anymore. In the '60s to '00s, artists could build a long-lasting career and be in the spotlight longer. Today new bands last much less time, a lot break up due to the hardships of touring and you can't stop grinding. The pressure and the attention of the public have got much harder and band members are more fluent. In most bands in the past, a lineup change is not a big deal, but for bands like stones U2, etc there have been fewer changes. Also today a member can easily quit a band due to a job in another state or similar. It has become very hard to be a band with the same members for longer than 3-4 years.

Me: Sometimes something wholly unthought of before then will come out of limitations. Do you think some new concepts are going to come out of this that will be positive changes?

Ted: Yes, I already see bands who gained all their success using streaming services and social media in very creative ways. I think as an artist it is our responsibility to find new ways of communicating with our fans and engage them in our music. Then live shows will never be out of fashion so as long as artists keep finding new ways to engage their fans and new fans it will change. The artists who are seen most in the media will also always have an advantage. So I for instance take every chance I have to appear in the spotlight as it benefits the band and if we can make creative things related to our music and live shows we can last longer. Also have more fun which is the most important. In the end, you just have to use the technology to your advantage but never lose your creativity in your presentation of your band profile. That being in social media and live or in the press.

Me: You do make it entertaining, Dude. You've got the gift of gab. I appreciate your answering my questions. Thanks so much.

Ted: It was a pleasure, I hope some bands can figure out how to navigate in the streaming world. Cheers and thanks for having me!

You can check out the album Legend of the Canabal King here:

I recommend it.

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Promo cover artLA MERDE
La Vie en Noir
Signal Rex
21 June 2021
SIGNAL REX is proud to present LA MERDE's highly anticipated debut album, La Vie en Noir, on vinyl LP format.
Hailing from Belgium, LA MERDE have been blending classic neofolk with industrial electronics since 2018. LA MERDE combines fact and fiction in an anachronistic collage of the past into a contemporary creation of sound and image. They are storytellers in an abstract sense, conjuring an aural vision, both real and imagined, of our past, present, and future. By wielding a DIY ethos and using a wide range of instruments, they've created a sound that is both formed from soil yet otherworldly.

With tragedy and misery as the guiding principle, LA MERDE guide you through the eternal collapse of the world. As of 2021, they've released sought-after tapes and joined the stage with the esteemed likes of Rome, Awen, and By The Spirits. And now arrives La Vie en Noir, LA MERDE's debut full-length. Both consolidating and eclipsing those prized short-length predecessors, La Vie en Noir lays bare a sumptuous soundscape that spans autumnal splendor and simmering tension, bitter repose and stifled violence. Each of the 43-minute album's dozen songs offers its own unique snapshot, and the duo thread all of it together with unified purpose and poignant dynamics. In short, it's everything - and more - a long-form LA MERDE recording has promised to be, brimming with a dark gorgeousness that's engrossing to the very end.

While neofolk and classic industrial seem like strange bedfellows for SIGNAL REX, the label dutifully seeks darkness in its forms. LA MERDE begin their Thelemic march with La Vie en Noir - love under will, and love is the law!
MORE INFO: // // 

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Release Date: April 20, 2021
Cat Nº #: HDP084
Format: CD / Cassette
Genre: Black Speed Thrash

- CD Jewel Case LTD 300 copies
- Cassette LTD 100 copies

Ordering info can be found HERE. For Pre-orders, contact
Promo cover artWHIPSTRIKER / ICE WAR
Self Titled Split
Helldprod Records
20 April 2021
Into the Metal Glory!

We are proud as hell to present you this unholy gathering between two of the most fierceful steel machines around these days. The best news ever indeed since both bands combine the ancient flame essence like very few can create metal wise. Pushing the old glories to the current scene front row we promise no fist shall be left raise after the final hearing.

Hailing from Brazil, Whipstriker spreads its venomous music since 2008 according to the universal old school scriptures. For those who know the beast, this band plays uncompromised New Wave of British Of Heavy Metal inspired by early Venom, Motorhead and even Iron Maiden but with a glimpse of aggression of its own that drives you into a flaming cauldron and boils you up to ecstasy like Slayer did in their beginning or Midnight do it nowadays. You also can tell there’s a punk vibe in their material that uplifts their rawness and urge to start a war. The three new songs in this release are electrifying and will crawl upon your skin shocking you to endless headbanging.

On the other side of this gem, we have the Canadian’s Ice War pumped and fueled since 2015 by the heavy metal classics. Between the British and the Germanic legacies once again Maiden’s influences are motif to be honored but also Thin Lizzy. On the Teutonic inspirational edge, we can point out a bit of Helloween’s primary times mixed with Deathrow and Violent Force thrashing energies. Enough of goosebumps? We tell you; these three songs will also totally freak you out to a point that playing this repeatedly will be the only soundtrack you will hear for days.

So Whipstriker and Ice War are together to burst your blood inside your patched jacket. You could almost say that the two entities are one-man bands since these two iconic leaders, Whipstriker and Jo Capitalicide, are the main driving forces that lead both metallic paths back in time. Oh, and before you wonder about the name of this release it doesn’t have one. You see, travelling in the musical history deserves old rules; Above all great songs to be remembered and this is what is going to be shouted out loud here!

Available on CD/TAPE through Helldprod Records in April 20, 2021.


1 - Restless Dogs [4:43]
2 - Rot In Trench [2:50]
3 - Morphine Soldiers [2:38]


1 - Warfare Cry [3:02]
2 - Grip Of Death [3:52]
3 - In Your Heart [4:18]

Release Date: April 20, 2021
Cat Nº #: HDP084
Format: CD / Cassette
Genre: Black Speed Thrash

- CD Jewel Case LTD 300 copies
- Cassette LTD 100 copies

Ordering info can be found HERE. For Pre-orders, contact

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Metal News - Hatred Incarnated (DEATH METAL)

 Death Metal duo officially releases their first single on digital platforms. The song takes the same name as the band, "Hatred Incarnated", and speaks of injustice, slavery, manipulation, lying, religion and the hatred that arises from these themes. Formed by Vinícius Garcia on vocals and lyrics, and Lucas Bittencourt on guitars, bass and composition, the duo got together in September 2020 with a thirst to spread the word of traditional and extreme Death Metal.

“The synthesis of everything that bothers us, everything that revolts us, everything that causes us hatred, about injustice, about slavery, about manipulation, lying, manipulation of religion, all in a much higher discussion, much deeper than it may seem. Our interest is also to escape clichés and without any intention of doing something exactly original, it would be a lot of pretension, but to do ours in our own way, expressing all the hatred of everything that bothers us, everything that attacks us. Hypocrisy (also) is a big part of our hatred. ”, Said the vocalist.

Listen to “Hatred Incarnated” on Spotify:


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Hatred Incarnated are:

Lucas Bittencourt: Guitars, bass guitars and writing process

Vinicius Garcia: Vocals and lyrics


More information:





Gleison Junior  (Assessor/Diretor)

Facebook Page Oficial:

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