Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Well as I have been overlooked by Metalheads Forever I had almost 2 months of compilation music ready for them

so you know what I own a zine too!

So for the month of March you are getting a kick ass double comp brought to you by THE METAL TIMES

featuring music by

A Crime Called . . .

Audio Reign

Brackish Tide

CIA Hippie Mind Control

Counting The Killers

Cursed Son

Doomsday Rejects

Empyrean Fire

Evil Drive

Extinguish The Sun


Lady Luna and the Devil

Pick Axe Preacher

Sacrilege Official

Shotgun Facelift

Under The Oak

Viral Strain

And its FREE!! I keep my promises to the bands. Thanks to both if the zines especially the one who turned their back on me over making money. Its never been about money its about the bands!

And here it is

Download it and tell the bands you heard of them from THE METAL TIMES and then follow and support the bands!

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