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Corridonia Italy

You know what I like? Intention. Live For Your Faith was made with so much delibrate focus. Released last December, Live For Your Faith is the live recordings of Fight For Your Faith, Stealth's third album. The thoughts behind the subjects introduced by any of these songs is unambiguous. Making a picture in the mind's eye as clear as a scene from a movie. Keep reading for a look inside.

Which three influences are most evident in your sound?

Ivan: I would say Fear Factory, Machine Head and Metallica. I think these bands influenced a lot our last 7 years of music in terms of songwriting. 

Michele: I listen to a lot of different bands and musicians, but surely the most influencing drummers for me are Casey Grillo from Kamelot/Queensryche and Danny Carey from Tool
The fourth track of Live for your Faith, Perpetual War, sounds as if it's about people being led into war to secure favor in Heaven. Do you believe it is religion itself that causes such division or something else? 

Ivan: Most of the wars that happen in the world are caused by religious extremisms.  This doesn't mean that having a certain faith in a religion is wrong or right. This means that religion is used as the main instrument to get people to pick up a gun and start fighting.

What are you currently reading?  Who is your favorite author?

Ivan: Fight Club. My favourite author is Luigi Pirandello

Daniele: Il muro di Berlino 1961-1989 My fav author: Stephen King

Michele: right now I'm reading "L'abbazia dei cento delitti"  (The abbey of a hundred murders) by Marcello Simoni, and my favorite author is Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Is the sixth track, Consumerist Dictatorship a prediction or do you believe something like an Oligarchy or a Dictatorship is already what is happening? 

Ivan: Consumerism is already the nowaday dictatorship from a long time. People are obsessed to buy useless things even if we are in a precary condition due to this pandemic. Western capitalism is collapsing and a new economic system is what we will need shortly.

Have you ever come close to quitting and not making music anymore? Why? What kept you in it?

Ivan: Yes several times. I thought about it when we had to change some band members in the past or when we had some bad discussion between us. But finally the desire to make music prevailed every time and here we are, still. 

Michele: Maybe once or twice, life has its own way to make you feel useless or not worthy of happiness sometimes, but I’m an optimistic person and I always try to make the best out of what life throws at me. My passion for drumming and music in general is what kept me wanting to go on.

Live For Your Faith is a live version of your third album, Fight For Your Faith. What does the title mean? 

Ivan: The title can be read in 2 ways in English language. Live, as an adjective, meaning a “live event” but also live as the verb “to live”. So we played with the double meaning but ultimately it means  both and doing so creates a connection between the live recording and the original album.

The first song, Seven Hours Under Fire, sounds as if it might be inside the mind of someone in the middle of a war zone. Do you feel empathy for people who kill while taking orders in the military? 

Ivan: Definitively. Taking orders and money to kill people, and risk your own life, is absolutely sad. I am quite sure that most of the soldiers that do it are forced on their choice by poor conditions they might have in their native countries.

If there is a difference of opinion at band practice, how is the final decision made? 
Ivan: That would be me

Where can we find you on the web? 

  (official website)   
Facebook  @stealthattack.it
Twitter  @stealthband1997
Instagram @stealthband1997
You Tube  @Stealthattack1997
And on all digital platforms worldwide as well

Are there any friends or supporters you would like to thank? 

Ivan: I would like to thank Mr Ays Kura, the owner of our label. He really did an excellent engineering job on our live album. And I would also like to thank all of our fans who are contantly supporting us.

Daniele:All of my friends and special thanks to my son Axel.

Michele: I'd like to thank everyone that has ever played a part in my decision to become a musician, from the bands I listen to, to my teachers and friends and foes who always supported me or made me want to do better. 

And I would like to thank Stealth for giving me their time and answering my questions

Stealth are,

Daniele Gorbini: bass/ background vocals 
Michele Cipolletta: drums
Lorenzo Pimpini: guitars/ keyboard 
Ivan Lattanzi: vocals/guitars/synth/background groove

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