Sunday, February 7, 2021



Blood Reign

        Bleedskin has presented it’s latest artistic offering titled, Blood Reign. This album is monstrous and the sound quality is incredible. With orchestrated introductions and ambient ear candy, this band provides a full recording listening experience which really amplifies this genre of music. This death metal band from Belgium is about as impressive as they come. From aggressive beats to intense breakdown, this is full force metal madnessss and it is fucking delicious. Their use of blasts beats and the howl’s of the vocalist lead an army of devils thru armageddon.

“Perverted feelings” and Eternal Hatred work in syncopation and provide a thrill ride for the senses. Their arrangements are finely tuned and downright aggressive as fuck. “Obsession” continues to hail the sonic assault and the drumming is from beyond this world. The guitar solo’s have the old school slayer/ pantera vibe. Vocally, this tune is fucking magic and fun to scream along too. The picking techniques of the rhythm sections in the song are nicely done and add nuances to tune in a modern way that gives it that special twist that only bleedskin can deliver.

A personal favorite off of the album is the tune “chaos theory”, which is the album’s closer and i feel it also may be the heaviest tune on the album, if that is even possible at all. This song is a representation of everything fans love about death metal. The lyrics, the music, and the drums are a perfect level of metal indulgence. T makes sense that this would be the last song they would want you to hear, and in a live setting, this song is definitely going to rip your face off and leave you wanting more.

This album is for fans of arch enemy, avatar, suicide silence, whitechapel, amon amarth,etc. It is one of the best death metal albums i have heard this year and you will definitely want to add it to your playlist.

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